How To Mix Concrete With A Drill

When it comes to concrete our first thoughts are probably of a huge industrial mixer being fed by a hunky man dressed in a fluorescent jacket and hard hat. A process reliant upon expensive machinery and strong arms. This method...


Best Drill Press Under $200

A while back I was looking for a decent drill press and didn’t want to spend a ton of money on one. I ended up settling on models that were under 200 dollars and had the basic functionality I needed for most projects. Here’s what I ended up finding…

Best Drill Press Under $500

Finding a drill press that will not break the bank and have a wide range of features can be somewhat difficult. I have compiled a list of the best drill presses under $500 for you to take a look at. Hopefully you’ll like what you see, I know I have a couple of my favorites in the list.


Planers, Sanders


Best Random Orbital Sander Under $100

I looked at a lot of different random orbital sanders and tried to find the best one under $100 that I could online in order to share some of my favorites and ones I would recommend to my personal friends. Here's what I found...

Routers, Tape Measure


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